The Dash Pro

Tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies

The world's first custom-made wireless earphones

Like fingerprints, no two ears are alike. The tailored Dash Pro is customized to fit the exact shape of your ear canal for the best isolation – allowing no loss of bass frequencies, detail, or clarity. It's all-day comfort is perfect for active lifestyles – even at the professional level.

To ensure The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey fits perfectly inside the bends of your ear canals, we take precise measurements and impressions of your ears. These impressions are scanned electronically and used to create 3D-printed shells that will merge with Bragi's EarTouch interface.

The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey in action

Starkey signature sound

Starkey is a world leader in custom products and developing signal processing technologies – all to help people hear better and live better.

The tailored Dash Pro includes Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers with a back vent for elevated bass and EQ optimization for the custom-made shell and vented speakers.

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