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We are a Starkey Hearing Technologies dealer because we believe they make the very best products in the world. This page is all about the technology that makes their hearing aids so great.

We have 3 main sections of content for you on this page. The first section talks about some of the Core Features that are available with our hearing aids. The second section talks about our TruLink Wireless Platform. The last section goes over our SurfLink Wireless Platform. 

Not a "techie"? Don't worry, we've made all the descriptions very easy to digest. That being said, if you've just started looking into hearing aids, this page may be information overload for you. Don't be overwhelmed by all the tech talk. In reality, all of this amazing technology produces a very simple, intuitive wearing experience. You don't have to have a degree in rocket science to wear or operate hearing aids, we promise! If you'd rather have the cliff notes version of this page, try watching the video just below for a general overview of today's hearing aid technology.

If you have any questions, would like to know more, or just want to speak to someone about your hearing, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We'd be more than happy to help!

– What's New in Hearing Aid Technology –


core features

Hearing aids come in several different styles and technology levels. Some features are exclusive to certain styles while others are universal. Some features are found on high end hearing aids while others are available on every product we have. The features listed here are some of the most commonly equipped with our hearing aids.

  • WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation: This industry-leading technology virtually eliminates all buzzing and whistling.
  • Automatic Telephone Response: Detects when you're on the phone and adjusts settings for optimal listening.
  • Music & TV Processing: Audiophiles rejoice! Music processing offers multiple music genre settings designed to maximize sound quality and listening enjoyment. Television processing is a new memory program designed for optimal performance while watching television.
  • Hydrashield: Starkey’s exclusive nano-coating that protects hearing aids from water, wax, sweat, oil, and corrosion making them more reliable and durable than ever before. Our hearing aids are virtually impervious to everyday moisture.
  • Environmental Noise Classification: Another one of Starkey’s industry-leading technologies, Environmental Noise Classification is an advanced directional system designed to reduce wind noise and other environmental noises that can make hearing difficult.
  • Directional Microphones: Extremely useful for hearing in noisy environments. As the name implies, these allow amplification to be pinpointed by direction. For example, hearing aids could be programmed with a restaurant setting that would focus on the speech coming from the people at your table rather than the people at the other tables around you.
  • Voice Indicators: Indicators alert you when the batteries are getting low and when you change memory/telephone modes. Voice prompts are available in your choice of male or female voices in a wide variety of languages.
  • Multiple Memories: A "memory" is a preset listening program that is stored on the hearing aid’s processor. Having multiple memories allows you to have different settings for different listening environments. For example, you could have a restaurant setting that is specifically geared to deal with a restaurant atmosphere and a TV setting that is specially designed for watching television. Having multiple memories allows for greater flexibility in hearing aid capabilities.
  • Active Noise Control: Typically, the biggest frustration for hearing aid wearers is difficulty hearing in noisy places. Starkey hearing aids with Active Noise Control can detect and isolate speech waves in noisy environments, delivering unmatched speech clarity. Active Noise Control helps you focus on the sounds you want to hear by reducing the sounds you don’t.
  • T2 On Demand: Allows our hearing specialists to make common, standard adjustments to your hearing aids remotely over any touch-tone phone. This saves time and eliminates the need for some trips to the office - an especially useful feature for those who live in rural areas.
  • Active Frequency Control: Designed for patients who have high-frequency hearing loss, Active Frequency Control enhances real-time audibility by intelligently identifying high-frequency speech cues and replicating them in lower frequencies that are naturally heard better.

wireless technology

Wireless is the cutting edge in hearing aid technology and Starkey Hearing Technologies is leading the way with innovative products that deliver unprecedented capabilities.

We offer a vairety of wireless products and accessories to cater to any individual's specific wants and needs. These are broken into two similar, yet distinct wireless platforms - TruLink and SurfLink. Below, we'll talk about our TruLink Platform first and then the SurfLink Platform. Both platforms offer remarkable devices that can take your hearing experience to places you never imagined possible. Continue reading to learn more and when you're ready, give us a call and we can help you select the wireless hearing aids and accessories that are just right for you.

trulink wireless platform

Our TruLink wireless platform is the the newest technology on the market. If you have an iPhone or compatible Android phone, this is the one for you. These hearing aids directly link to your iPhone or compatible Android device and can do things that no other hearing aids have ever been able to do before.

trulink features

  • Pristine Audio Streaming

    Directly stream phone calls, music, and media from your phone to your hearing aids.

  • soundspace

    This feature allows you to easily adjust sound settings to your specific environment by simply moving your finger on your phone's screen.

  • TruLink Memories

    Using Soundspace, you can create up to 20 customized memories! Even better, these memories can be geo-tagged. This simplifies life even more by automatically changing memories when you are at a tagged location.

  • Remote Control

    Easily change volume and switch memories with your phone.

  • Adaptive Car Mode

    This feature allows the hearing aids to automatically change to a setting designed to reduce the annoying sounds of driving.

  • live microphone

    Use your phone as a microphone! Simply set your phone nearby and conversations are streamed directly to your hearing aids. You can even record, play back, and even email audio as it happens.

  • find my hearing aids

    Easily find lost hearing aids! Both a location and time stamp are shown. Also, a signal detector sends a stronger or weaker signal based on how close you are to locating your hearing aids.

  • Siri Integration

    Have Siri read texts and emails directly to your hearing aids.

  • apple watch compatible

    Use the TruLink app for Apple Watch to control volume, change memories, and mute your hearing aids right from your wrist.

surflink wireless platform

Rather than pairing directly to a smart phone, our SurfLink platform products are designed to be used alone or with specially designed accessories to unlock additional functionality. If you have an older or non-compatible smart phone, don't use a smart phone at all, want a custom fit hearing aid, or would rather have the ability to easily stream media directly from a TV, this is the platform for you.

surflink features

  • Compatibility with all SurfLink Accessories: More information in the sections below.
  • Synchronized User Adjustments: Adjusting the volume or memory setting on one hearing aid will automatically adjust the other as well, eliminating the need to manually change two instruments.  
  • Synchronized Telephone Response:  Automatically places the phone-side hearing aid in a dedicated telephone setting while quieting the off-side hearing aid. This allows you to more easily focus on your phone conversation.  
  • Active Noise Control Boost (select models): Activated via the SurfLink Remote or Surflink Mobile, this feature allows you to enable extra noise reduction while optimizing sound quality in extremely noisy situations.
  • Binaural Spatial Mapping (select models): Analyzes the sounds being picked up by both hearing aids and creates a unique, on-the-fly strategy for enhancing listening comfort and speech clarity in any environment. This feature allows the hearing aids to be extremely efficient at eliminating background noise.  

surflink mobile

This one-of-a-kind device is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

SurfLink Mobile enables hands-free cell phone conversations by turning wireless hearing aids into the phone microphone and receiver! The built-in directional microphone enhances one-on-one conversations in noisy environments while the omnidirectional capability is ideal for helping in meetings or group settings. SurfLink Mobile also lets you wirelessly stream sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or MP3 player and control the volume and memory setting of your hearing aids remotely! Check out the video below!

surflink remote

Prefer to control your hearing aids with a remote? We've got you covered. In addition to controlling memory and volume adjustments, this handy remote gives you access to Active Noise Control Boost.

Active Noise Control Boost increases the hearing aid's ability to get rid of unwanted background noise, allowing you to communicate with confidence in extra noisy places.

surflink media

This is the first true set-and-forget media streaming solution. Simply plug a TV, MP3 player, or virtually anything with an audio source into SurfLink Media and rich, stereo sound is streamed directly to any hearing aids in range without pairing or body-worn relay devices.